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Why You Need A Professional To Make Your Outdoor Lighting Installation Dreams Come True 

Outdoor lighting designers can help you tackle that vision you see in your head, but don’t quite know how to bring to life. A true professional will possess the knowledge needed to make your home a new level of smokin’ awesome, without having to go up in flames along the way. At Asheville Nightscapes, we know knowledge is key. So, we’ve put together which major factors you should consider when choosing a landscape lighting guru to illuminate your outdoor space.

A Solid Plan of (Lighting) Action

Consistency is key when you hire the right expert. You want to know that your money is going to be backed by a solid plan of action. Start with a hiring a certified, licensed, and insured contractor to oversee your outdoor investment. At Asheville Nightscapes, we show up (when we say we will), listen to your dreams, take measurements of your project, and design an elaborate 3D plan for your review. You’ll know all your options up front. You want someone who will listen to you share your dreams, and then present to you how they are going to transform them into reality. 

Here at Asheville Nightscapes, our professional lighting designer will use your initial discovery to present you with an assessment based off needs and wants in relation to budget. Our designers are extremely detail oriented; it’s how we cover all bases. Our goal is to give you the nightlife you crave, and boost your home’s curb appeal, Asheville Nightscapes style. This is a bandwagon we encourage you to hop on! 

Our 3D Rendering Delivered and Executed in 2022

Understand the Types and Usages of Various Outdoor Lights

There are many different types of lights available for use outdoors. These include floodlights, spotlights, and downlights, to mention a few. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Floodlights are often used for security purposes. Spotlights are typically used for aesthetic reasons. Downlights can be used for both purposes. While you can read about the pros and cons of each all day, the best way to know which lights better suit your unique landscape is to hire a professional. 

Avoid Disaster in Your Outdoor Lighting Design

An expert is going to know how to avoid disaster. The wrong lights can overheat, and the last thing you want is to cut corners and end up with your landscape in flames! Purchase the wrong halogen lights and you risk igniting nearby leaves and/or mulch. Or hire the wrong professional and watch your poorly insulated wiring short into flames. It is critical that you choose a company who doesn’t take quality shortcuts and will take the time to customize the system for your home. Your safety is our priority. We know that in this field of work, one wrong connection could be fatal. 

Choose the Right Bulb Type for Your Outdoor Space

LED lights use significantly less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs, which allows you to leave them on for longer periods without a heavy dent to your electric bill. They also have a longer lifespan, so you won’t need to replace them as often as other kinds. These are just a few of the many reasons we stick to commercial-grade, professional LED products. They are like the Rolls-Royce of the outdoor lighting world!

When choosing the right light bulb type for your outdoor lighting project, there are several factors to consider. How much light will you need? Will you be using them during the day, at night, or both? If you plan to use the lights in the evening, you will want to choose bulbs with higher lumen output ratings. This means that the bulbs will produce more light than other bulbs. An experienced outdoor lighting architect is like the Cupid of illumination for your home’s exterior. Light bulbs are not like humans, though. It is much more complex than just having “a type. This is where you need a matchmaker to light the way! 

LED lights are much safer and less likely to catch fire because they operate at a low temperature. This makes them ideal for the outdoors, especially since light bulbs overheating are one of the main causes of fires.

Perfect Placement of Your Outdoor Lighting Devices

When creating your design plan, it’s important to consider the location of your outdoor lighting project. Take into account the size of the area you want to install the lights in, as well as the environment around it. If you live near a busy road, we wouldn’t advise you to install lights that shine directly into the street. Additionally, while we love the dramatic flare of larger-than-life shadow casting, we always want enough space between your aesthetics and your neighbors, so that the lights don’t cast shadows onto nearby structures. We can help bring your dream to life, but we always consider others in the process. Our goal is to make the job go as smoothly as possible, and we can ace that because we are vigilant of absolutely every detail, from start to finish. 

Find the Right Contractor for the Job

Before you hire any contractor, ask them how much experience they have with outdoor lighting installations. Ask them questions like “How often have you installed outdoor lighting?” and “What type of equipment do you use?” Make sure that the company you choose has the right tools and expertise to complete the job properly. Be sure they are insured and ask them what warranties they offer. Your purchase should be backed with support, and the business needs to offer products that run on longevity. Anyone can say they will make your dreams come true, but can they deliver?

Look no further if you’re ready to bring your outdoor lighting plan to fruition.

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