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Our Outdoor Lighting Installation Process

Outdoor lighting installations are NOT all created equal. Protect your landscaping investment with an installer you can trust. At Asheville Nightscapes, we go above and beyond to ensure your lighting installation is built to last. In fact, we have a solid process to guarantee our work.

Groundwork & Installation

Because Asheville Nightscapes has already fully designed and planned your outdoor lighting system (based on your style and desired functionality), our team will seamlessly install each piece of equipment as mapped out on your Digital Lighting Proposal.

When they AVL Nightscapes team arrives, they will complete the following tasks:

  1. Transformer Installation
  2. Fixture Placement & Lamping
  3. Fixture Testing & Connectivity

Unlike some Outdoor Lighting Installers, we create WATERPROOF CONNECTIONS to guarantee the threshold of your lighting structure. Weak connectivity creates a threat of future lighting failure, so we protect our wired splices (connectivity points) with water-tight connections, rather than with wire nuts and pierce point connectors.

In addition to enhancing your connectivity points, Asheville Nightscapes adds an additional 1-to-3 feet of wire at each splice. Why? We do this because your landscape will mature and spread over time. We aren’t simply creating a beautiful space for your use today. We envision your space years ahead, so lighting fixtures can be easily repositioned throughout the transitional phases of your maturing landscape.

Nighttime Walkthrough

Your fixtures have been installed. Automatic timers have been set and activated. Let’s see how this beautiful design lights up the night. This step is the most important step in guaranteeing your Wishlist is complete:

→ Is the ambiance right? 
→ Are all your key elements showcased as discussed?
→ Are the fixtures as warm and inviting as promised?
→ Are your neighbors jealous?

If the answer to each of these questions is YES, then the initial install was a success! If a few of these need to be corrected, we make adjustments, as needed, either during the walkthrough, or during final installation.

Final Installation

If any changes are necessary to the lighting system, this will be done during the final installation phase. This stage is also when cable trenching is completed, so all wiring and cable lines are securely buried underground. This ensures the cables are protected from animals, mowing, etc.; removes any possible tripping hazards; and, of course, removes any unsightly wires from your remarkable landscape. Don’t worry, we take every precaution to certify your landscape’s final appearance is just as beautiful as when we began our work.

Once this is complete, a full system electric test will be completed to ensure the transformer if powering optimally. The readings will be recorded for you as well as the final as-built documentation we provide to you. This will provide all the details of your system in the event these details are ever needed in the future.

Now that Asheville Nightscapes has illuminated your space, it’s time to indulge in your new, beautifully functional, outdoor living area. Are you ready to get started? Contact us, today.