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Our Outdoor LIghting Design Process

Elegant lighting design is always our end goal—and there are a million ways to get there. That end design is totally dependent on our client and the desired emotional response you wish to achieve. Are you looking for an intimate space? A lively, entertainment area? A peaceful haven? Aligning your sentiments while highlighting your favorite elements of the home will help us tailor your outdoor lighting installation.

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting will be an open conversation. We’ll get to know one another, and get to the heart-of-the-matter:

  • What do you love about your home? Do you have favorite features you’d like to showcase?
  • Do you have concerns? Do you feel there are safety hazards in your landscaped areas?
  • What are your goals? Is this an intimate, warm place for you and your spouse to relax? Or, did you create this space for entertaining a crowd?

In addition, we’ll provide a demo of some of our fixtures and lighting styles, to show you how these systems work to enhance your outdoor space. With the help of digital brochures, we’ll go through near-limitless fixture options to select which designs best represent your unique taste.

Combining these elements are key in illuminating your space for a truly functional use. Once Asheville Nightscapes has a comprehensive grasp on your objectives for lighting, we can design a show-stopping backyard landscape.

Receive a Proposal

After our initial consultation, Asheville Nightscapes will create a customized Digital Lighting Proposal for your review. We will use this proposal to clearly outline the scope of your outdoor lighting project This will include costs, labor, and warranties, as well as a full landscape design plan, specifying the type and placement for each piece of equipment necessary to implement your plan. This document will be used by our exterior illumination crew during installation for specification of wattage, beam angle, color temperature, and other vital details needed for project induction.

In addition, all landscape lighting installations by Asheville Nightscapes will include a complimentary first-year maintenance plan.