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Learn More About the AVL Nightscapes Process

—How We Work

At Asheville Nightscapes, we believe in true transparency. You’ll know every step of our process. You’ll know exactly what we do, how it’s been completed, and what’s protected under your maintenance plan and warranty.



Elegant lighting design is always our end goal—and there are a million ways to get there. That end design is totally dependent on our client and the desired emotional response you wish to achieve. Are you looking for an intimate space? A lively, entertainment area? A peaceful haven? Aligning your sentiments while highlighting your favorite elements of the home will help us tailor your outdoor lighting installation.


Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting installations are NOT all created equal. Protect your landscaping investment with an installer you can trust. At Asheville Nightscapes, we go above and beyond to ensure your lighting installation is built to last. In fact, we have a solid process to guarantee our work.


Ongoing Maintenance

At Asheville Nightscapes, we aim to provide a smooth and worry-free lighting system. We only select the highest quality lighting fixtures paired with premium LED bulbs. However, no matter who has installed your outdoor lighting fixtures, all systems require regular maintenance tasks. With our ongoing  maintenance packages, we ensure your system runs at its very best, from transformer to fixture, and everything in between.